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Tailor-made support

At BSB, we are a small, close-knit community which means that we're able to give each individual student extra attention and support. Unlike at large universities with tens of thousands of students, at BSB, you are not just a number - you are unique!

A warm welcome in France

To make your arrival as smooth as possible, we’ve organised a series of activities including services such as:

  • A friendly face to pick you up from the local train station and help you find your way to your new accommodation.
  • Help to find housing and to settle in thanks to our online accommodation platform.
  • Workshops to manage administrative steps (insurance, banks, social security).
  • Touring the campus and meeting the student associations.
  • Discover our beautiful city and meet the mayor of Dijon at the Town Hall.
  • Evening social integration events to help you get to know students from France and other countries.
  • Free French language and culture classes.

Watch our video to see what else happens during BSB's Welcome Days!

Mark your calendar

Our Student Services team welcomes and supports international students arriving at BSB in order to create a truly multicultural community. From our Orientation Days to an ongoing Buddy Programme, we strive to connect current and new international students to foster a welcoming atmosphere. You'll also find a variety of student-run organisations to help you meet new friends, strengthen ties, and promote open-mindedness.


Welcome Days

Classes Begin

Bachelor in Management
To be announced
17 Sept (3rd Year - 16 Sept)
Master in Management
To be announced
2 Sept
Most Master programmes
To be announced
17 Sept
MSc Wine Management
To be announced
9 Sept
To be announced
23 Sept
Student Welcomes day in BSB

Bienvenue en France: A recognised world-class welcome

In 2019, BSB was among the first 15 schools to receive the label Bienvenue en France (Welcome to France) by Campus France, and one of the only management schools to receive this distinction. It has been granted for four years by Campus France and validated by an independent commission which looks specifically at the needs of international students.

As a hallmark of quality, the label is an important measure of the internationalisation and attractiveness of French higher education. The criteria assessed include: the quality and accessibility of information, welcome services, the reception facilities, the supply of information, housing, campus life, and the quality of post-graduation follow-up.

With the Bienvenue en France scheme, international students are guaranteed services to the highest national standard.

Welcome to France
Welcome to France

The Hub

A dedicated welcome and support centre, The Hub provides all student support services.

Individual attention

We strongly believe that students thrive in an academic environment which is focused on personalised learning and customised support. From your very first days in France, we want you to feel comfortable in this new living, learning and working environment.

  • Classroom courses only - no large lecture halls
  • An average of 1 teacher for every 35 students
  • 83 professors and 450 expert speakers
  • E-learning only in support of courses
  • A safe, walkable campus for 2800 students

Guidance & counselling

At BSB, we offer psychological support to help you manage stress, achieve a healthy work-life balance, and overcome difficulties such as addictions or diseases.

We also give you the opportunity to reinforce your soft skills and express your personality by:

  • Strengthening your student experience through participation in school projects
  • Expressing civic engagement by acting on a personal mission or set of values
  • Practising sports and artistic activities
  • Investing time in a student association
Individual attention to Students at BSB

Academic support

Your tuition fees include:

  • Tutoring during group work
  • Coaching you through projects
  • Access to e-learning in support of courses
  • Remedial courses if needed
  • Support from our staff in dedicated departments throughout your studies: International Relations, Counselling, Career Booster, and Personal Development

We stay by your side

At BSB, we offer the coaching and support you need to help find your purpose and fulfil your role in society, in your community and in a company or organisation.

Throughout your time at BSB, we help you to:

  • Search for company internships
  • Prepare for your international trips
  • Choose academic courses


Based in The Entrepreneurial Garden on our Dijon campus, BSB runs an ongoing support network and a series of events to put your business brain to work!

  • Weekly workshops on various topics such as management, creativity, business models, or business planning.
  • A monthly lunch open to students working on an entrepreneur project as well as active entrepreneurs, industry professionals and potential investors.
  • Personalised coaching for project owners, allowing them to develop their business to the best of their ability and to be connected with potential partners, mentors and financiers.
  • Access to facilities and tools: working space with equipment (phone, computer, internet), a meeting room and a kitchen area.
  • A team of more than 30 experts including researchers, teachers, coaches, supervisors, legal partners, lawyers and accounting experts.
  • BSB also offers access to a network of local entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Accessibility and disability

One of BSB's priorities is to promote and facilitate higher education for students with disabilities in accordance with our aim to train responsible entrepreneurs with strong ethics as outlined in the agreement with the Caisse d’Epargne Bourgogne Franche-Comte.

The BSB Handicap Mission in the Department of Personal Development and Support assists students with disabilities in our school and organises awareness-raising activities.


Each student with a disability will find the personalised support and assistance needed to follow his or her schooling in the best possible conditions. We support students with disabilities both academically and personally by offering a variety of services such as overseeing exam arrangements, awarding scholarships agreed with businesses, providing adapted materials, etc.


We host a series of events every year and set up a range of projects including mentorship programmes, dedicated conferences, thematic excursions (such as a blindfolded visit to the Museum of Fine Arts), various workshops with BSB's associations, and student participation in the Tous HanScène competition (the BSB team won the 2019 Grand Prix du Cinéma for its short film entitled “A vue d’œil”).

Learn more about BSB's services

Student Housing

Career Services

Study Abroad

Campus Facilities

Parlez-vous Français?

Whether you need help to improve your English, French, or even another language, BSB has got you covered. Many services at Burgundy School of Business are here to help you develop the language skills necessary for your studies, daily life and to overcome cultural and language barriers.

Language support offered to all students

Academic support

Academic support during your degree

Your tuition fees include:

  • Language reinforcement courses
  • Tutoring one-on-one or in small groups
  • Access to e-learning to complement your courses
  • Remedial courses if needed
E-tandem Language support by BSB

E-tandem: An efficient way to improve language skills

As opposed to traditional language lessons, e-tandems focus on verbal communication. Two people with different languages form a tandem and teach each other their language. In this way, you are both a teacher and a learner.

Improving your English while studying at a French business school

We run an English for Academic Purposes support programme during term time, so you can improve your English while you study for your degree. The courses are free to all Burgundy School of Business students and cover topics such as:

  • Presentation skills
  • Everyday English
  • Academic writing skills
  • IELTS and TOEIC preparation

If you are taking our Bachelor in Management degree programme, we offer a four-week intensive English course in Ireland or Canada during your first year. If travel restrictions are in place for students starting in September 2023, the course will be offered online (as it was in 2020).

BSB's language requirements for programmes in English

English language entry requirements

If your first language is not English, then you must demonstrate that you have an appropriate level of English fluency to be eligible to study one of our undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The level of English required depends on the course you are applying for.

If you studied for at least three years in an English-speaking institution, then you are exempt from the language exam requirement. You will be asked to provide a diploma or certificate confirming that you have been studying full-time in English for the past three years, including the country in which you studied, the programme details and length of time.

We accept the following English language qualifications for entry to our courses:







Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s in Management
MSc Programmes

French language courses for non-native speakers

We offer a range of French courses for international students entering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes interested in improving or consolidating their French language skills. Depending on your study programme, you can have tutoring sessions for two to five hours a week, including evening classes.

French language options for certain programmes

French starter track
If you are enrolled in our Bachelor's or Master in Management degree programme, you have the option to take the first semester in French with progressive English and then switch to a 100% English-speaking track for the remainder of the programme.
Wine Culture in Burgundy School of Business
French intensive course
As a BSB student enrolled on the MBA Wine & Spirits Business, you can benefit from an optional French as Foreign Language Intensive Course taking place before the MBA programme begins. For no extra cost, you can receive 45 hours of classes (15 hours per week) from September 6 to 24, 2021.

Support when learning other foreign languages

Calling all language lovers!

In addition to French and English, we offer the opportunity to practice a third living language such as: Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. Many of these courses are offered as elective modules for our Master in Management Grande Ecole students. For international students, learning a third language is not mandatory.
Study Abroad with BSB Partner nework
Our Bachelor and Master in Management also give you the ability to study abroad for a semester or a full year.
With 200 partner institutions to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to be immersed in other languages and cultures.

Meet our multilingual team

With 66 nationalities represented on campus, you're sure to find a variety of languages spoken at BSB. Nearly 40% of our professors come from beyond France, and most of our International Relations team does too! Below is just a sample of some of the languages spoken in our department.

Meet our team
  • International Recruitment Team - Isabelle
    Isabelle Gajac
    Project Manager, International Development
    International Recruitment Team Perishte
    Perishte Dastanova
    Manager, International Recruitment
  • Jade Qi
    Area Manager, China
    Yolande Codo
    Area Manager, Africa
Schedule a call

Career Services - From your first job to your next promotion

Our highly recognised Career Services are free to all BSB students and recent graduates.

To ensure you have a precise and operational career plan at every step of your journey, this department regularly runs outstanding events such as career fairs, workshops, one-on-one career advising sessions, webinars, drop-in days with employers, and industry presentations.

You will also have exclusive access to the Career Booster database, which contains salary guides and advertises the latest graduate vacancies, placements and internships offered by top employers worldwide. BSB will guide your career trajectory towards success at every stage of your education with us.

BSB Career Booster

Individual coaches will help you enhance your employability and put you in contact with employers via dedicated company meetings and recruitment forums.

We also run thematic workshops to help you:

  • Search for internships and jobs
  • Build an attractive CV
  • Activate your network via LinkedIn
  • Practice for interviews
  • 7 coaches providing help in French, English, Spanish and German.
  • Over 3000 hours of personalised coaching during your studies including an in-depth career assessment.
  • Over 9000 internships and job opportunities available each year.

Events and resources to foster a career mindset during your studies

Through business meetings, courses, trainings or mentoring sessions, BSB graduates regularly come to campus to meet you, share their professional experiences, and invite you for internships or company immersion days.


Self-development is the key to a fulfilling academic and professional career. BSB brings in experts and professionals from the business world to support you throughout your studies, helping you identify your talents, find a career path that suits your personality, and build upon your unique strengths.


Thanks to our close ties with the business world, BSB allows you to deepen your knowledge of how certain sectors or business models work, and to develop your personal strengths even further.


Meet an inspiring leader such as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur every month. These game changers share their experiences and nurture your professional ambition.


With just a few clicks, you have access to all the internships, work placements or job offers of our partner companies. This tool is also a source of information and advice on how to be at the peak of your performance on the day of your interview. You can make an appointment with one of our BSB coaches to work together to help you achieve your professional goals.


To help your internship research, BSB organises a dedicated recruitment day in October. Multi-sector companies come to meet you to showcase their business and present their internship opportunities to you.


To support you in your search for an internship, BSB helps you organise meetings with companies that are ready to recruit you. Offers of internships, student jobs, preparation workshops - everything is done to boost your employability and put you in touch with recruiters.


What could be more effective than an immersion in a company to learn about a sector or a business? BSB organises Discovery Days during the year within the headquarters of our major business partners.

BSB students have received job offers from top global companies

BSB Job Offers - Renault
BSB Job Offers Chanel
BSB Job Offers Deloitte
societe generale logo
BSB Job Offers IBM
BSB Job Offers Johnson and Johnson
BSB Job Offers L'Oreal
BSB Job Offers Kelloggs
BSB Job Offers Haribo
BSB Job Offers Altran

A support network for life

Alumni Networking

Alumni networking platform

Find all the information you need to grow and maintain your BSB alumni network: geo-localised alumni directory, agenda, events and exclusive job offers.

Virtual job hub

A virtual forum for work experience and sector recruitment meetings, BSB offers digital recruitment events so that you can boost your employability and your chances of recruitment regardless of your location.

Alumni events

With the support of its leading alumni, BSB organises numerous meetings in France and abroad. These events allow you to strengthen your network and expose you to new perspectives. Your calendar will be full of after-work networking events, thematic workshops and trainings, VIP invitations to the Meet-Up Inspiring Leaders conferences, special offers for trade fairs and events (such as Vivatech or Vinexpo), and graduation anniversaries.

Career coaching

You can count on BSB during each major step of your professional career: job search, preparation for interviews, assistance in retraining, and putting you in contact with our partners to explore their job opportunities.
Thinking of starting your own business some day? At our incubator The Entrepreneurial Garden (TEG), you’ll have access to coaches, legal advisors, and even investors.

Join BSB's global alumni network

You’ll join our community of more than 17,000 graduates worldwide, which gives you support, knowledge-sharing and partnership opportunities throughout your career.


BSB graduates in over 90 countries around the world.


of our graduates find a job in less than six months.


Average gross annual salary after graduation from a French business school.


Average gross annual salary after graduation from BSB's programmes.

Health care in France

In France, registration for social security is free and mandatory for all students except those who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You must register on the French Health insurance website.

In order to increase the amount of reimbursement of your health expenses, you can sign up for a supplementary health or mutual insurance policy ("mutuelle"). We also strongly advise you to subscribe to private insurance covering you for repatriation during your whole stay in France.

Short-term coverage vs. long-term insurance

France has a top-level healthcare system and its hospitals and medical infrastructure are among the best worldwide. As a BSB student, you will be able to access French healthcare for free.

You need to register for free health care after your student visa is validated and after your physical arrival in France. For this reason, BSB strongly advises you to take private insurance for at least your first two months in France.
Mental health services

Via our Health Services Department and the Department of Personal Development and Support (DAP - Developpement et Accompagnements Personnels), we offer psychological support to help you manage stress, achieve a healthy work-life balance, and overcome difficulties such as addictions or diseases. Licenced psychologists or psychotherapists are always available on campus for students experiencing difficulties.

BSB also provides workshops on well-being and nutrition, and many of our student clubs are focused on sports which can help you keep fit, stay active, make new friends, and relieve stress. Other student associations encourage you to express yourself through art, culture, hobbies, or volunteering in civic engagement by acting on a personal mission or set of values.

Help is always at hand

France offers financial support to international students for your health care and housing. BSB’s staff will be at your side as soon as your registration has been validated and when you arrive on campus to guide you through the administrative steps.
Covid-19 safety measures

Burgundy School of Business is extremely proud that Covid cases have been under control across our campuses due to the strong respect of the safety measures put in place for students and staff. Since 2020, there were only seven students who tested positive and immediately went into isolation, thereby protecting our community.

BSB has proactively adapted to government measures in order to continue teaching activities, adhere to guidelines, and enable students to have a productive, enjoyable experience at our institution. BSB's Dijon campus is currently open and following government safety measures.

Student housing in France

You will be able to find a place to live before you arrive via our accommodation platform Studapart. There’s plenty of options to choose from such as apartments, studios, single rooms, shared flats, or a student residence. You can even choose to live with a local family or elderly person who will offer you a discounted rate in exchange for helping them with household chores or food shopping.

In France, you need to have a guarantor residing in France to book your accommodation. A guarantor adds a layer of financial security and vouches for your credibility. If you don’t have one, Studapart can act as your guarantor thanks to the BSB Studapart Guarantee. Alternatively, you can use VISALE, a free deposit guarantee designed specifically for international students 18-30 years old, or GarantMe can act as your guarantor.

When you’re ready to start looking for your accommodation, you can search and book through the Studapart platform.

Keep in mind that you can only finalise your booking once we have received your letter of acceptance.

Visit the website, click on “Tenant space” and sign up using your school’s login credentials or your personal email address.

Estimated living expenses in Dijon

With so much variety in France, your accommodation costs can range from €200 to €750 per month depending on your criteria (location, size, quality, furnished, etc.).

On average, you can expect to pay €400 in monthly rent, and between €40 to €100 per month on utilities (gas, electricity, internet, etc.).


Home insurance

In France, it is compulsory to have home insurance and civil liability insurance when renting. Some residences integrate this insurance fee into the rental cost. Otherwise, you can get it as soon as you arrive, either from a bank or an insurance company. Our team will guide you through this process during the Welcome Days.

Housing aid

Many international students also receive financial support to pay their rent. This housing subsidy can be up to €200 per month!

The CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) can pay you housing assistance in the form of an APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) or an ALS (Allocation de Logement à caractère Social). If you came to France on a visa, you must have a VLS-TS to benefit from the CAF housing aid. You may be eligible for housing benefits if:

  • You are renting, co-habiting or sub-letting;
  • You are living in an apartment, a university residence, a hostel, a furnished flat, a hotel, or a room in a private home;
  • Your accommodation is well-maintained and a minimum size of 9 m2 (single) or 16 m2 (double).

Apply early

Useful info

The amount of housing benefit awarded depends on three things:

  • Your taxable income in France or abroad. If you have very little or no income, your benefit is calculated on a flat-rate basis depending on your situation.
  • The type of your accommodation.
  • The amount of rent paid (monthly or termly).

Before you arrive

Go to where you can estimate the amount of help you’ll need and apply online.

When you arrive

You can claim housing benefit the month after you satisfy all the criteria for applying. If you apply late, your claim will not be backdated.
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