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Up-to-date Government measure for Covid-19

Vaccination: Vaccination drive is quite advanced and keeps accelerating. Almost half of the people living in France have received atleast their 1st dose. It is expected that a vast majority of adults will be vaccinated before September 2021 intake.

Tests: PCR tests are 100% free and available anytime in France. BSB has also decided to provide students and staff with the possibility of getting tested on campus.

Hygiene: Wearing a mask, social distancing and cleaning one’s hands are mandatory measures.

Economy: Starting from May 19, restaurants, bars and shops have opened everywhere in France, which is a very positive message. Starting from June 17, wearing masks outside is not mandatory anymore and the curfew is cancelled starting from June 20.

Borders and Visas: The situation is evolving regularly, please refer to:

Effective from 9 June, the movement of travellers between France and foreign countries has resumed under terms and conditions that will vary according to the health status of these countries and the vaccination status of travellers.

Accordingly, countries have been classified based on health indicators. The lists of countries may be updated as the epidemic situation evolves. Each country has a colour: Green, orange or red. Depending on the Covid-19 and variants levels the categories might change, here is a link to know in what category your country is and what the related traveling measure are:

Up-to-date information on how BSB is tackling Covid-19

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BSB continues to take steps to ensure the welfare of the whole school community, adapting our set-up to a constantly evolving situation.

Burgundy School of Business is extremely proud that Covid cases have been under control across our campuses due to the strong respect of the safety measures put in place for students and staff. Since 2020, there were only seven students who tested positive and immediately went into isolation, thereby protecting our community.

BSB has proactively adapted to government measures in order to continue teaching activities, adhere to guidelines, and enable students to have a productive, enjoyable experience at our university.
Vaccine rollouts picking up speed

France is moving towards a gradual re-opening of the country in mid-May with its ditribution of Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.

Putting students first

The majority of BSB's programmes, including exams, have been delivered remotely in accordance with government mandates. In selected cases, we have been able to welcome students to campus for face-to-face teaching, such as:

  • Since 25 January 2021, half-groups of first-time entrants on our Bachelor in Management programme are attending classes on campus.
  • All students taking our MBA Wine and Spirits Business have had 100% of their classes in-person.
  • As of 8 February 2021, we have extended the return of face-to-face classes to all students who wish to do so while respecting a double requirement: no mixing of groups and keeping the number of students present simultaneously on site under 20% of BSB's capacity.

Keeping students and staff safe at BSB

BSB's Dijon campus is currently open and following government safety measures.

You must wear a mask at all times on campus. Masks have been distributed to students and each person is required to wear a mask to enter our campus.

Hand sanitiser stations are at all entrances and all main areas of the campus to make sure you can clean your hands frequently.

You must adhere to social distancing rules and maintain a minimum of one metre between yourself and others. In enclosed spaces such as classrooms, one out of every two or three seats must remain empty.

Ongoing student support at BSB

In all order to ensure the continuation of all teaching activities and enable students to remain digitally and socially connected, Burgundy School of Business maintains all of its Student Support Services and have adapted them for remote delivery, with increased focus on personal guidance, counselling, psychological support services, academic assistance, and online social activities.

Students can also access the Learning Centre in order to study and borrow books or educational materials. In addition, teaching staff on both the Dijon and Lyon campuses can, if required, deliver classes in empty classrooms to use our distance learning tools and technical support services.

Official government guidance

We recommend international students refer to the national measures the French government has taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We strongly recommend that all health measures be carefully adhered to at all times and at all locations. 

Please accept our best wishes in these most difficult of times.
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