Up-to-date Government measure for Covid-19

Vaccination: The vaccination rollout is well underway. A fourth dose is now being offered to the elderly and vulnerable, and young children between 5-11 are now being vaccinated. It is expected that the vast majority of adults will be fully vaccinated before the September 2022 intake.

Tests: If vaccinated, PCR tests are 100% free and available anytime in France. For those who remain unvaccinated, PCR tests can be purchased from any pharmacy for a small fee.

Hygiene: Wearing a mask and social distancing are no longer mandatory. Some health precautions, however, remain in force including washing hands regularly and wearing masks in hospitals, care homes and pharmacies:

Restaurants/Shops: As of 12 February 2022, restaurants, bars and shops are open again throughout France, which is a very positive sign. Wearing masks indoors and outdoors is no longer mandatory. The “vaccine pass has been lifted in France in all areas where it was previously required (cultural and leisure venues, commercial catering, professional trade shows, etc.)

Borders and Visas:

A “Travel” certificate is still required at borders.

The “Travel” certificate is issued upon presentation of one of the following three documents:

  • a vaccination certificate showing full vaccination.
  • a certificate of medical reasons for not being vaccinated, issued in France;

A certificate of recovery from COVID-19: a positive test conducted in France between 11 days and 6 months prior.

For up-to-date information please refer to:

Covid-19 restrictions at the French border were eased on 12 February 2022 for fully vaccinated travellers.

The entry conditions to the French territory are defined by the classification of departure countries (countries and territories on ’green’ and ’orange’ lists)

For up-to-date information on ‘green’ and ‘orange’ list countries please refer to:

How BSB is tackling Covid-19

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BSB continues to take steps to ensure the welfare of the school community as a whole, adapting our set-up to meet the needs of a constantly evolving situation.

Covid cases have been kept to a minimum at Burgundy School of Business and the few outbreaks have been kept very much under control across our campuses. This is testament to the diligence of students and staff in respecting the safety measures that have been in place for some time now.

BSB has been very proactive and flexible in terms of implementing and adapting to government measures in order to continue teaching activities. With the easing of restrictions, and a slow but steady return to normality, we look forward to continuing to provide a safe, productive and enjoyable experience for incoming students.
Vaccine rollouts picking up speed

France is moving towards a gradual re-opening of the country in mid-May with its ditribution of Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.

Putting students first

The majority of BSB's programmes, including exams, have been delivered remotely in accordance with government mandates over the past two years. As of 8 February 2021, we have seen the return of face-to-face classes across all programmes and faculties.

Keeping students and staff safe at BSB

BSB's Dijon campus is currently open and adhering to the latest government safety guidelines.

Hand sanitiser stations are positioned at all entrances and all main areas of the campus to ensure that students can clean their hands frequently and effectively.

Any student who tests positive for Covid-19 is required to isolate at home for 7-10 days to ensure the safety of their classmates.

In general, you should adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain a minimum of one metre between yourself and others even though the restrictions have been lifted.

Ongoing student support at BSB

In order to ensure the continuation of all teaching activities and to enable students to remain digitally and socially connected, Burgundy School of Business continues to provide Student Support Services and have adapted them for remote delivery, with an increased focus on personal guidance, counselling, psychological support services, academic assistance, and online social activities.

Official government guidance

International students should refer to and adhere to all measures implemented by the French government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We strongly recommend that all health measures be carefully adhered to at all times and at all locations. 

Please accept our best wishes in these most difficult of times.
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